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Welcome to the online Therabubble™ store. We're
dedicated to helping you or your patients improve
respiratory function, and our products reflect that
Be sure to check our latest designs and colour range.

Therabubble™ - Original

Our original bubble PEP device and best seller. Use Therabubble™️️ at home or in the hospital and say goodbye to phlegm and hello to better breathing

Therabubble™️️️ - Indigenous Designs

Celebrate Indigenous culture and support equitable health care across Australia by purchasing an Indigenous Art Therabubble™️️️

Therabubble™️ – Little Aussie Superheroes

Our Little Aussie Superheros bubble PEP devices are designed to help children engage with and enjoy their respiratory care.

PEP therapy just got a whole lot easier and enjoyable! Our colourful Little Aussie Superheros Therabubble™ range is designed to help kids engage with their bubble PEP therapy. And even better, the colours and names have been chosen by kids battling respiratory conditions.

Therabubble™️ – Refresher Pack

Are you using your Therabubble™️ more than once a day? Order our Refresher Pack and have clean and dry spare parts when you need them.

Therabubble™️️ – Starter Pack

Get everything you need for your bubble PEP therapy today. Save $10 AUD purchasing our convenient starter pack. The Refresher Pack includes extra parts that you use while others are being cleaned and completely dried.