Little Aussie Superheroes Therabubble™ – Mr Obedient


PEP therapy just got a whole lot easier and enjoyable! Our colourful  Little Aussie Superheros Therabubblerange is designed to help kids engage with their bubble PEP therapy. And even better, the colours and names have been chosen by kids battling respiratory conditions.


Our purple and yellow unit is called Queen Josee—the superhero that rules them all. Mr Obedient is our blue and green coloured unit, and gets the job done! 

Kids of all ages will love using their  Little Aussie Superheroes Therabubble. We hope the vibrant colours help brighten a child’s day, encouraging them to adopt the strength of a superhero.

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Therabubble is an effective and affordable bubble PEP device that helps clear phlegm from the lungs and improve ventilation. It can be used in hospitals or at home to treat patients with a variety of respiratory conditions.

Therabubble’s patented design features fixed tubing and multiple water level markings, allowing patients of all ages to create precise and reproducible pressure. A one-way valve reduces the risk of swallowing, inhaling or aspirating water during use

Therabubble™ is a low-risk, conservative treatment that doesn’t interfere with other medications.

  • Medical-grade, microbial, heat and chemical-resistant plastic.
  • Single-patient use for increased hygiene.
  • Anti-impact and anti-spill features.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Long flexible tube for ease of use and comfort.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean parts.
  • Dishwasher proof material.
  • Can be recycled—please dispose of thoughtfully.
  • Australian owned and made.

The one-way valve creates a non-threshold PEP. If you wish to use threshold PEP, please refer to the assembly options in the instruction manual.

Please contact us for wholesale prices (a minimum of 10 units is required per order).


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