Celebrating Achievements: A Decade of Highlights with Therabubble

As we celebrate the end of a remarkable decade, it's a perfect time to reminisce about the milestones and achievements that have shaped Therabubble into what it is today. Therabubble came to life in 2014, marking the launch of a vision that aimed to make a positive difference in the world. Since our launch, we have experienced tremendous growth, overcame challenges, and made significant strides in contributing to our community. Our journey started with our very first sale in February 2014, and since then, we've expanded our reach beyond borders, making our first interstate sale in March 2014. These accomplishments have been the result of the hard work of our dedicated staff members and the businesses that we've collaborated with over the years.

Our impact has extended beyond business transactions, as we've proudly helped over 75,000 people breathe easier, with the count continuously increasing. Moreover, we've supplied over 220 hospitals and health services, as well as 15 universities with our product, making a meaningful contribution to the healthcare and education sectors.

Reaching the Northern Territory in 2017 and even exporting to New Zealand in 2018, opened doors to new opportunities and global connections which allowed us to mark significant milestones, signifying our commitment to broadening our reach and impact. We've also been deeply involved in supporting the community, such as by sponsoring the Jarawee Women's Touch football team in 2018. The introduction of our permanent indigenous art range, along with the Little Aussie Superhero range in 2017, has further showcased our dedication to promoting diversity and culture.

We proudly announce that earlier in 2024, Therabubble reached the Torres Strait Islands! This achievement means so much to us at Physiotherapy Innovations. We have decided to increase our Indigenous Art Therabubble range to include a new Torres Strait Islander artist's work. We are in the process of reaching out to local artists to collaborate but if you know anybody who may be interested please reach out to us at care@therabubble.com.

Our efforts have been recognized through various awards and accolades, such as the 2022 Buy Queensland Supplier Awards, the 2020 QLD Chief Entrepreneur - Deadliest Startup, the 2019 Logan Business Distinction Major Award for Community Contribution, and the 2018 Queensland Professional Excellence Award (Australian Physiotherapy Association) for Contribution to Indigenous Health. We are also proud to have been the first Indigenous business to be awarded the Ignite Ideas Grant by Advanced Queensland, a testament to our innovation and commitment to making a difference.

Furthermore, we have actively participated in events such as the NAIDOC Week Clothing the Gaps Walk, and have been instrumental in supporting Closing the Gap initiatives

The future holds endless possibilities, and as we continue to grow, innovate, and collaborate, our resolve to create positive change remains unwavering. Our journey is marked by the people we’ve helped, the partnerships we’ve forged, and the communities we’ve impacted. Together, we look forward to the next chapter, fueled by the same spirit of passion, purpose, and possibility that defines Therabubble.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far, and here's to the next chapter at Therabubble!